Valve & Repair Services

Valve Shop – Archrock’s Valve and Repair Center provides real-time quotes for 24-hour exchange, rebuild and customer builds.

  • Exchange program for most standard compressors, provides the customer a new valve in exchange for the old valve, to reduce downtime.
  • Rebuilds of compressor valves and packing cases where the unit is disassembled, cleaned, tolerances are checked, then the valves are re-tooled and rebuilt to manufacturer’s specifications and tolerances with 24-hour turnaround service available.
  • Custom and newly machined valves, built to manufacturer’s specifications and tolerances, engineered to the customer’s specified needs.

The Valve Center services include:

  • Compressor valve repair
  • Exchange program on Ariel valves
  • 24-hour turn around
  • Valve repair kits
  • Machine, grinding & lapping
  • New & used valve sales
  • Repair Services
  • Rebuilt & exchange packing assemblies
  • Rod & wiper packing repair kits
  • Packing gland machining & resurfacing
  • New & used cylinders/components
  • Piston rod repair & replacement
  • Piston ring & rider band installation
  • Replacement WPKTs & valve chairs
  • Lubricator pump repair & new or used lube distribution blocks
  • Governor rebuilds & starter repair rebuilds
  • Water pump repair & rebuilds
  • Cooler section pressure testing