Archrock’s HSE Policy

Our vision is to be recognized as an industry leader whose Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance is used as a key measure of success throughout the organization, fully committed to achieving HSE excellence for all of our employees, customers and the environment.

It is therefore our policy in Archrock to conduct all business in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Protecting our employees, contractors and customers involved in our operations, as well as the public and environment where we provide our services, is a core value. Achieving HSE performance goals is placed on an equal level with other critical business objectives and integrated into our daily operations so that each job can be completed safely and in a way that is protective of the environment. Archrock employees view HSE performance as their duty while providing the highest quality services to our customers and shareholders.

Archrock strives to provide a place of employment where hazards are identified and the appropriate action taken to reduce the risk of injury, to actively promote the highest standards of safety behavior, environmental awareness and HSE performance, and to meet or exceed applicable local and national regulations.

Understanding that personal safety, incident prevention and environmental protection are individual responsibilities, employees are empowered to identify risks, develop solutions to HSE issues and stop jobs if HSE conditions warrant. As a result, employees at all levels are encouraged to be responsible for the prevention of job-related injuries and illnesses, and environmental incidents, through the use of their good judgment and diligence in the consistent application of company guidelines and procedures.

Employee safety and environmental performance will always be a major consideration in decisions affecting promotions, compensation and continued employment. Archrock will continually seek to improve HSE performance and ensure that its management systems align with the best practices of the industry.

The company’s collective HSE performance will be the measure of success of its HSE policy as well as the success of the entire organization.