Environmental Services

Archrock is the one company that can help you address all factors that go into mounting a successful emissions management program. We offer the full range of emissions permitting services to ensure your compression operations remain compliant. We provide leak detection and repair services to keep your product out of the atmosphere and in your production line. We have locations across the United States so we can be onsite quickly. And we offer a proprietary engine management system to track all data and changes related to your gas compression equipment. Archrock keeps your emissions program cost-effective, efficient and compliant, so you can concentrate on running your operation.

Air Emissions Capabilities

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Compliance Services

Archrock helps you take a comprehensive approach to air emissions management and consults with you to help you design a fully compliant emissions program. Our engineers and technicians are environmental experts who understand your industry-related compliance challenges, and will guide you in the best way to meet them. The first step is typically permitting, and we help take care of everything associated with your air emissions compliance management. Archrock has extensive experience working with the industry’s regulatory agencies, which allows us to understand how to manage all details of the process and obtain authorizations efficiently. Plus, our technicians consist of both regulatory and engine experts, so we can often find and fix issues before they become compliance problems.

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Leak Detection & Repair

Leaks are becoming increasingly regulated. A leak detection program, even when not required, can benefit your operation tremendously because it keeps your product where it should be – in the production line. Archrock technicians use thermal imaging to locate leaking gas in real time. If a leak is found, we estimate the loss rate. Then we can apply the appropriate methods to quickly repair it. With the help of Archrock, your valuable product is no longer disappearing into thin air. Your operation runs greener, both environmentally and financially.

Fast Service

Archrock has crews in every major oil and gas producing area in the U.S. standing ready to help you. In fact, one technician can often take care of multiple needs in one visit. There are no scheduling headaches, delays from using multiple vendors, or excessive travel expenses that you often get with more limited providers. Call us and we’ll come get the job done.