Gas Compression Services

Archrock was founded on providing natural gas contract compression services more than 60 years ago. With the largest fleet and operating horsepower, this legacy makes us the compression services leader in the United States. We are well established in all U.S. oil & gas production regions.


The Contract Advantage

Archrock owns, operates, and maintains its fleet of natural gas compression equipment for contract compression services. This contract service provides customers with increased financial and operational flexibility resulting in higher cash flows and capital to invest in core business versus purchasing compression equipment.


Flexibility and Expertise

Archrock can help accomplish a wide range of natural gas compression goals with packages available from 50 to 5,000 HP available to meet a variety of operating conditions. From the colder northern states and scorching southwestern deserts to corrosive offshore environments, Archrock has experience throughout the United States and understands how to optimize equipment to adjust for varying conditions.


Air Emissions Services

We offer a full range of emissions permitting services to help ensure compression operations are compliant with federal and state air emissions regulations.

Superior Service

Archrock is an industry leader in preventive and predictive maintenance practices with some of the industry’s most qualified field service technicians, trained and certified by all of the major OEMs including CAT, Ariel, and GE Waukesha. Our team is focused on safety, environmental constraints, operating procedures and delivering excellent service without compromising safety. Archrock’s safety performance ranks right alongside the best performing companies and better than the national average. And we lead the industry in runtime performance with an unrivaled 99% compression service availability across the U.S.