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Corporate Social Responsibility

Archrock operates the largest fleet of natural gas compressors in the United States, providing the equipment and services necessary to deliver clean burning natural gas that powers America. Our reputation is built on 65 years of operating with the highest standards in safety, integrity and reliability. We value our customers, who range from the largest multinational energy providers to local producers, our employees, who tirelessly work to provide best in class service and our community, by sponsoring and encouraging a culture of volunteering and giving back. We value the environment, and believe strongly in operating responsibly. And, we value our owners and make decisions which we believe will sustain long-term shareholder value.

Having extensive expertise and the largest U.S. footprint allows us to serve clients in a way no other company can. Our history is rich with accomplishments, and we are just getting started.

Our vision is to be America’s leading provider of natural gas compression by delivering exceptional customer service based on our values:

SAFETY – With over 1,000 field service technicians and shop employees deployed across the U.S., operating safely must be and is a core value. Our talented technicians and mechanics are equipped with the support, tools and skills to perform their jobs safely, efficiently and in an environmentally conscious way. Safety is a stand-alone performance metric that has been a material part of our annual short-term incentive program for over 12 years.

CUSTOMERS – Being the premier provider of compression and aftermarket service is the bedrock of our operating strategy, and we believe the quality of our services is one of the variables that positively distinguishes us from our competition. As of year-end 2018, we operated a compression fleet of over 3.5 million horsepower to help meet the gas compression services requirements of over 550 customers throughout all major U.S. oil and natural gas producing regions.

PEOPLE – We take pride in operating and maintaining superior equipment, but it is our people who truly make the difference, providing best-in-class customer service to the oil and gas industry on a 24/7/365 basis. To hire and retain the top people in the industry, we have made it a priority to create a work environment characterized by integrity and respect, and to offer compensation and other programs that fairly reward and recognize employee contributions. We also offer training and development programs that enable our people to advance their skills and meet their career goals.

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE – Before anything lasting can be built, there must be a solid foundation. We believe that good corporate governance practices are that foundation, and we are committed to maintaining best practices in governance, with appropriate Board of Directors oversight of strategy and risk. We believe our 65-year history bears out the value we ascribe to corporate governance and the effectiveness of our corporate governance structure and processes.


We hold annual elections of all directors. Our Corporate Governance Principles require that any nominee for director who receives a greater number of “withheld” votes than “for” votes must submit his or her resignation for consideration by the Board.

We are governed by a separate Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Seven of our eight directors are independent and two are women.

Our Board committees are comprised of independent directors only. Our independent directors meet regularly without management present and directors have full access to management.

Our Board and its committees conduct annual self-evaluations.

We have implemented officer and director stock ownership guidelines.

Our policies prohibit the hedging or pledging of company securities by key employees, including our executive officers.


Employee satisfaction and engagement is assessed annually through a Gallup® survey. Based on those results, teams are tasked with developing action plans to address opportunities for improvement.

We have policies and practices that address, among other things, diversity, hiring of veterans and gender pay equity.

We offer our full-time permanent employees health and welfare benefits, a generous 5% match on 401(k) plan contributions, an employee stock purchase plan and a health savings plan, as well as participation in an annual or quarterly performance-based bonus program.

Ongoing management training and online compliance training is made available to all and is required of certain employees.

We have a dedicated training team for field technicians and utilize a classroom and field-based Rapid Development Program to train newly hired field service employees.

Environmental and Community

Archrock provides the equipment and services necessary to deliver clean burning natural gas to help meet industrial and residential energy demands. With a dedicated internal air quality team, we help our customers with emission compliance and are constantly upgrading our fleet to more efficient units.

We recycle virtually all consumables used in the operation of our compression fleet, including oil, coolant, and batteries.

We have launched an initiative to eventually equip all units in our fleet with remote monitoring functionality to improve service efficiencies, diagnose potential issues before they arise and reduce vehicle miles.

Although many of our units are in remote locations, at our customers’ request, we will house our units in a building, equip them with sound mufflers and include netting to provide additional wildlife protection.

We have a policy that prohibits corporate political contributions and have selectively engaged in advocacy efforts to protect the interests of our stakeholders and ensure fair regulatory treatment.

With our support and sponsorship, our employees have joined together to support the MS150 (a bike ride from Houston to Austin to raise funds and awareness in the fight against multiple sclerosis), the March for Babies, WIG OUT (an organization providing wigs, hats and headscarves to women fighting cancer), Habitat for Humanity, the Houston Food Bank and Toys for Tots, just to name a few.


Target Zero™, the basis for our Heath, Safety and Environment program, says it all: We believe all incidents are preventable. The goal of this multi-level, multi-year approach is to integrate a safety mindset into every work process at Archrock.

We are a member of ISNetworld® and six additional HSE databases and require our key vendors to subscribe and adhere to the same performance criteria as our customers expect of us.

All Archrock vehicles are equipped with driving monitors. With over 38 million miles clocked by our field service technicians in 2018, we rank in the top tier of MiX Telematics clients for vehicle safety.

We track and regularly report our safety performance to our Board, customers and industry groups and have made it a component of our annual short-term incentive program.

Archrock believes that a substance abuse free workplace is a safe workplace. As such, we utilize a comprehensive DOT and Non-DOT drug and alcohol testing program that is inclusive of all employees.

Because Target Zero™ is a core value, our Health Safety & Environment function reports directly to our Chief Executive Officer.

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