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Limit Your Methane Emissions

Find out more about how Archrock’s methane capture system Carbon Hawk™ can work for you.

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Patent-pending methane capture solution for natural gas compression packages.

Archrock has successfully field tested it’s patent-pending methane emissions mitigation solution Carbon Hawk designed to capture the fugitive methane emissions from the blowdown and compressor rod packings of natural gas compressor packages. Archrock estimates that these sources make up roughly 33% of overall methane emissions and 13% of the CO2e emissions from an engine driven compressor package.

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Benefits of Archrock’s Carbon Hawk Methane Mitigation Solution:

  • OOOOb Compliant
  • No on-site power required
  • No rotating equipment
  • Skid mounted system
  • One Carbon Hawk™ Methane Capture solution is capable of capturing emissions from multiple natural gas compressor packages
  • Meaningful CO2e emissions reduction at a cost less than $8 per ton of CO2e
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Let’s Talk Methane Mitigation

Find out more about how Archrock’s Carbon Hawk methane mitigation solution can work for you.

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