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Why Archrock?

We value our people, over and above the generous compensation and benefits we offer. We strive to be good stewards of their careers. Career paths are well defined and room for growth is available to everyone. Employees have the flexibility and support to pursue different roles within the company. And in an operation that has locations all across the United States they have the freedom to relocate if they desire.

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Unmatched Training

No one in our industry, or probably most other industries, invests as much in training as we do. We believe in our people and want to give them everything they need to meet and exceed their potential. Safety training and programming, which exemplifies our commitment to achieving an incident-free workplace, are responsible for our outstanding safety record. Operational training and an extensive mentorship program contribute to the steady growth and success our Archrock employees experience throughout their careers.

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People First Culture

We are all in this together. We work together, we play together. We have employees and teams who have worked side-by-side for 30-plus years. Whether you are a long-time employee or new to the company, our culture is inclusive, offering support and growth opportunities to everyone. Our people push themselves for more than personal gain. They work for their teammates because they take pride in workmanship and in each other. We share in each other's success, and everybody's got your back. It's a unique place.

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We are all in this together. Victories are sweeter and challenges are made easier because we do them together. It’s a people-first culture and everybody’s got your back.

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There is no ceiling at Archrock. We benefit from training and mentorship unequaled in the industry. Career paths are clear no matter your role or experience level.

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In addition to 401k matching and generous PTO, quarterly and annual bonuses and employee stock purchasing plans are a part of every compensation package. And achievement is recognized publicly on many levels.

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We take pride in our workmanship, in our attention to detail, in our commitment to service and in each other. And our customer’s success is especially satisfying.

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Rewarding career opportunities await the next generation of great Archrock people.

It's a Rewarding Place to Work

Archrock appreciates the commitment required to work in the natural gas compression business. We back that up with competitive compensation, healthy benefits and additional rewards including:

  • 401k Match
  • Discounted employee stock purchase plan
  • Up to 5 weeks of PTO
  • Quarterly bonuses up to 200% of target
  • Annual bonuses up to 200% of target
  • Pinnacle Awards (CEO Awards – $5,000)
  • Service Award Bonuses up to $1,000
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