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Methane emissions occur in all sectors of the natural gas industry, from production, through processing and transmission, to distribution. They primarily result from normal operations, routine maintenance, fugitive leaks, and system upsets.

As natural gas moves through the system, methane emissions occur through intentional venting and unintentional leaks. Venting can occur through equipment design or operational practices, such as the continuous bleed of from pneumatic devices (that control gas flows, levels, temperatures, and pressures in the equipment), or venting from well completions during production. In addition to vented emissions, methane losses can occur from leaks (also referred to as fugitive emissions) in all parts of the infrastructure, from connections between pipes and vessels, to valves and equipment.

In December 2023 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a new comprehensive regulatory framework with its Final Rule for Methane Reduction (NSPS OOOOb), aimed at curbing methane emissions from the oil and gas industry. Our methane reduction solutions can help you achieve OOOOb compliance.

Methane Reduction Solutions

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ECOTEC Methane Monitoring

Customized equipment offering a unique approach to methane monitoring, detection, and compliance for natural gas compression.

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Carbon Hawk Methane Capture

Designed to capture methane emissions from the blowdown and compressor rod packings of natural gas compressor packages.

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A Sustainable Company

Learn more about our sustainability approach, performance, and continued commitment to our contract compression customers with respect to environmental, social and governance matters.

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We invite you to take a look at where our teams of compression experts are currently positioned. You can see the depth and breadth of our technicians in each producing basin, as well as the parts, shop services and other resources available to you in that area.

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