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Ecotec Methane Monitoring


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Integrated Methane Gas Monitoring and Data Management

ECOTEC specializes in the design and development of customized equipment offering a unique approach to methane monitoring, detection, and compliance by leveraging proprietary hardware and software in an all-inclusive approach to methane reduction.

  • 30+ year history in biogas, waste management, and utilities industries
  • Emissions detection history with natural gas, utility, landfills, RNG, and carbon credits
  • Utilization of laser technology providing faster, more reliable methane analysis than competing technologies, all while providing industry leading accuracy and sensitivity

Ecotec’s suite of hardware and software offers a completely traceable ecosystem which integrates field, enterprise, and back-office groups to manage the notification, identification, and quantification of methane emissions.


Continuous remote stationary methane monitoring with real-time alerts from field-proven GAZPOD.

  • Notification of emission events with PPB sensitivity
  • 24-hour monitoring using TDLAS sensor technology
  • Completely wireless with solar power and data transmission
  • Vertical elevation sampling up to 20ft with VEMMTM
  • Free standing solution without ground penetration
  • Manage cost as CapEx or OpEx
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Utilization of GAZOSCAN for rapid identification of leaking components at a fraction of the price compared to optical gas imaging cameras.

  • Identification of emission sources at 100m (330ft) distance
  • TDLAS for continuous measurement without drift
  • Audible and visual alarms with instant response (0.1s)
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Manage cost as CapEx or OpEx
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Direct and accurate measurement of the actual methane emission rate through the use of INSPECTRA.

  • Total selectivity to methane
  • High methane sensitivity, down to 0.5ppm
  • Continuous display from 0ppm to 100% vol. GAS
  • Zone 1, IECEx, ATEX explosive atmosphere options
  • Lightweight and compact for max working comfort
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Let’s Talk Methane Monitoring

This inclusive ECOTEC NIQ approach is the key to “ZERO” fugitive methane emissions.

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