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What is Gas Lift Compression?

What is Gas Lift Compression and How Does It Help Natural Gas Production?

Gas lift compression is a process used to increase the pressure of natural gas so it can be transported through pipelines. It is an important part of natural gas production, as it helps ensure that the gas reaches its intended destination in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

How does gas lift compression work?

Gas lift compression is a process used to increase the pressure of natural gas in order to produce more from existing wells. It involves pumping compressed air, nitrogen or other gases into the wellbore, which increases the pressure and helps push additional oil and/or gas out of the formation.

Benefits of gas lift compression

Gas lift compression can be an effective way to boost production from reservoirs that are declining due to depletion. This method also allows for greater control over production rates and provides flexibility during changing market conditions. Gas lift compression has become increasingly popular as it offers producers a cost-effective option for increasing their output without needing additional drilling or investments in new infrastructure.

Why Archrock?

AArchrock is the premier provider of natural gas compression services to customers in the oil and natural gas industry throughout the U.S. We employ the industry’s highest-quality fleet of natural gas compressor packages and produce unmatched compression availability to keep your business moving forward. Get the most for your compression investment and let Archrock provide you with gas lift compression services.

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Archrock is strategically located across all major plays in the U.S. Not only do we employ an impressive fleet of compressors, we have more experienced field techs and service managers in place to help you maintain your uptime, running at maximum performance.

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