Gas Lift Compression Services

Improving Production and Operational Efficiency

Archrock specializes in providing contract gas lift compression services for operators in key production areas throughout the United States. Maintaining one of the largest fleet of contract compression systems, along with a team of highly trained technicians, Archrock provides superior service and industry solutions for gas lift systems.

From dedicated wellhead systems to large distributed systems, Archrock offers a wide range of contract compression options for gas lift systems. We deliver the equipment and personnel needed to handle all aspects of gas lift operations. For turnkey solutions matched to your specific needs—all at a controlled cost—turn to the experts at Archrock.

Key Features of Archrock Gas Lift Compression Services

Archrock gas lift compression systems are designed for optimal performance and reliability. Packages are available up to 380 horsepower and are outfitted with rich-burn engines and leading-brand compressors.

  • EICS Control System
  • Electric start
  • Suction- and discharge-based speed control for seamless operations
  • Auto-dumping fuel filter keeps unit running
  • Automatic louvers improve cold-weather operation
  • Cooler water sections designed to operate up to 500 ft. at 110° F
  • Acoustic pulsation study performed over a wide range of operating conditions
  • Interchangeable orifice plates used to optimize acoustical performance
  • Murphy Centurion C4 panel for easily programmable set points

Consult a Contract Gas Lift Compression Expert

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