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Natural Gas Contract Compression Services

Uptime is Money

Archrock is the leading provider of natural gas contract compression services in the U.S

We appreciate the enormous effort required to capture and deliver the resources the whole country needs. The stakes are high and your core business demands so much focus, energy and capital to keep it humming. You deserve strategic partners who can support your efforts. When it comes to contract natural gas compression services, there is no one better equipped, better positioned, or more committed to that purpose than Archrock.

Smart, Invaluable Compression Partnership

A large fleet doesn't simply mean most horsepower, though we've got that and then some. Our fleet provides significant flexibility, allowing us to put together a natural gas compression solution that fits your specific operation. But the real value we bring is the wealth of highly skilled, expertly-trained people who design, install, manage and maintain your gas compression. Planning efficiently, responding immediately, communicating thoroughly. Partner with Archrock for all your natural gas compression needs.

Archrock provides you with:

  • Massive inventory of natural gas compression service packages ready for deployment
  • An experienced installation team that makes install efficient, convenient and safe, every time
  • Highly skilled field service technicians optimizing performance and production
  • Supply chain warehouses and full-service shops conveniently located near your operation
  • Environmental services to assist with regulatory compliance
  • Efficiencies at every step, benefitting your bottom line

Emissions Compliance with PerformX

A big part of maintaining uptime has to do with compliance, ensuring that all natural gas compressors are operating efficiently while meeting all emissions standards. Through PerformX®, our proprietary engine management tool, we are able to track and provide performance data about every compressor in operation. PerformX keeps us on top of all issues surrounding service availability, safety and compliance. We can then proactively remedy potential problems, lowering risks, maximizing availability to help keep your production revenue flowing.

Compressor engine internals

Gas Compression Applications

Whether we're helping lift oil out of the ground, moving natural gas along the pipeline or storing it until the winter months hit, every aspect of our service is engineered to align with our customers' goals and keep their operations running at peak performance. Today our natural gas compression services are helping customers with the following:

  • Gas lift
  • Transmission and storage
  • Gas processing
  • Gas gathering
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Let’s Talk Compression

With the right partner, contract compression can provide a significant return on your investment. Talk to us about your compression needs and let's determine the ideal solution to help your operation achieve maximum uptime.

Where We Work

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We Have the U.S. Covered

We invite you to take a look at where our teams of compression experts are currently positioned. You can see the depth and breadth of our technicians in each producing basin, as well as the parts, shop services and other resources available to you in that area.

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