Effective August 1, 2019, Archrock closed the previously announced acquisition of the assets of Elite Compression Services, LLC (“Elite”). We welcome Elite’s former employees and customers into the Archrock family of companies.

Compression Installation Services

Uptime Starts Here

With decades of experience guiding our every step, the Archrock Compression Installation Services (CIS) team designs and builds compressor station solutions efficiently and cost effectively. Then we install them safely and seamlessly to get you and your business on the way to maximum uptime.

This is a process with several critical steps, all of which our team will consult with you about. Whether you have all your specs and plans outlined, or you need us to do all of that for you – plus the additional work you might expect such as prepping the job site, assembly and testing – we will make the process as easy on you as you need.

Service Benefits

Value from Innovation, Communication and Installation

Every phase and facet of our work installing natural gas compressor stations positions you for successful, profitable operation. We offer innovative design solutions, whether you're wanting the speed and simplicity of a modular design, or the more conventional on-site, stick-built stations. You can expect on-going comprehensive communication from our team, and that the safety of those on or near your gas compression facility will be of paramount importance. With our deep understanding of the industry and long history of successful project execution, Archrock knows how to optimize the schedule to minimize downtime.

Archrock provides you with:

  • Wellhead compression
  • Gas lift compression and production
  • Gas gathering compression facilities
  • Field compression gas boosting to sales
  • Gas re-injection for pressure maintenance
  • Compression for gas storage and withdrawal
  • Emergency facilities
  • Electric drive stations

Contact Us

Whether you're looking for a retrofit to an existing facility or want to launch a grass roots project, we can handle it from the ground up. Talk to us about what you need and where.

Where We Work

Where We Work Map

Experience and Infrastructure Where You Need It

The Archrock CIS team has an outstanding track record for gas compressor station construction in all the major basins in the U.S. No matter the topography, terrain or weather patterns, we're equipped to get you running. And, since we have a large service footprint in these areas, we will maintain and service your compressor stations better than anyone no matter where it is.

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